Saturday , 28 May 2016
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Managing LVE via command line – lvectl


Here, in this topic, CryBit going to explain the basics of “lvectl” command. lvectl is the primary tool for LVE management. To manage this tool you must have the root privilege to your server. lvectl is a part of lve-utils package. We already discussed the basics of CloudLinux and its administrations. CloudLinux is a Linux based Operating system especially used ... Read More »

Why lvetop? A smart tool to monitor CloudLinux resource usage.


What is LVE? It’s a module that works with CloudLinux kernel. This concept has a lot of advantages in web hosting technology. It’s something similar to the virtualization technique that we use traditionally. The most important GOAL of LVE is to make sure that no single website hosted on a server can bring down the server. Likewise we use the ... Read More »

Htop installation (The process monitoring tool) on Linux – RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora

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It is similar to the process monitoring command TOP in Linux servers. But in ‘htop’ we have an advantage over normal top command. We can simply interact the ‘htop’ output with mouse. It is very useful for such persons who likes to mange top output via mouse. In this article I am explaining the steps for installing ‘htop’ in RHEL, ... Read More »

How to list cronjob entries of all users?


How to list all cron entries on a WHM/cPanel based servers? Crontab is the program used to install, remove or list the tables used to drive the cron daemon. Cronjobs are predefined jobs which are running periodically according to the settings we have done previously. In the /etc folder there is a file called crontab where we can write the ... Read More »

A list of free and commercial web uptime monitoring tools


Uptime monitoring? What’s that? Yeah, the word UPTIME is very common for every website owners. It’s directly depends on their website’s availability on Internet. Nowadays almost every web hosting providers will assure 99% guarantee for server uptime. This is very important for web-masters who all are expecting revenue from their own websites. The UPTIME of website and the speed of website ... Read More »

CronJobs aren’t showing on cPanel – with paper_lantern theme


Do not worry this!! cPanel developers are currently aware of this and they are working for a solution!! We recently noticed this problem on one of our cPanel servers which has the software version The default theme for cPanel accounts are selected as “paper_lantern.” This problem is reported for the theme Paper lantern. I checked a lot of things ... Read More »

PHP error reporting – difference between E_ALL, E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_ALL


I’m confused about this settings. What are the differences? Here, I’m talking about the basic idea behind php error reporting. This is a PHP function which defines how PHP report errors to server error logs. The error_reporting() function sets the error_reporting directive at runtime. PHP has many levels of errors, using this function sets that level for the duration (runtime) of your ... Read More »

A list of commercial and open-source web-hosting control panels


Are you a beginner in web-hosting field? Then, you must have a basic knowledge about different control panels available around you to manage your business. Here I am listing the web-hosting control panels which are commonly using to manage/control hosting accounts. It will be a useful one for you. Before staring the sorting process, you need to learn the advantages ... Read More »