Tuesday , 27 September 2016

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Manage passwords using LastPass – Live safely


Why LastPass? Are there any advantages in LastPass over traditional “remember password” option in my browser? Yup, that’s the question! Why we need to use the password manager like LastPass. Definitely, it has a lot of advantages over the remember password option in your browser. This will definitely help you to manage your digital life more simply and effectively as it’s ... Read More »

How to install and configure csf on CentOS/RHEL servers?

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One of the most commonly using Firewall application on Linux servers. Config Server Security & Firewall is abbreviated as CSF. CSF helps to configure server firewall easily and simply. Here CryBit is going to explain how to install CSF and configure this on your Linux servers. Installation steps are simple and easy to execute. Installation Steps Step I : SSH ... Read More »

[Solved] Default email account’s disk space usage not updating – cPanel


While auditing email accounts in my cPanel I noticed that the space usage on some accounts, especially the default email account is not updated. I checked the mailbox of my default email account via Webmail and noticed nothing there. Then, how it’s showing some MB of space usage in cPanel? I decided to check the back end for any hidden files/folders ... Read More »

How to unblock an IP address from WHMCS?


WHMCS is one of the world’s leading web hosting billing and automation platform. By using WHMCS, we can manage the billing and all billing related things simply and effectively. Here, CryBit going to explain a trick to remove a banned IP address from WHMCS blocklist. By default, WHMCS only allows three unsuccessful login attempts from an IP address. After the ... Read More »

An adventurous trip to Meesapulimala


I cannot move forward without sharing my travel experience at Meesapulimala. During my vacations, I always like to travel. This time, we (Sabin Kunjumon, Sreejith, Gokul, Anoop and I) selected “Meesapulimala” as our destination. This was the impact of the movie Charlie. In this movie the actor “Dulquer Salmaan” has mentioned this place in one sequence. After this movie this place became one ... Read More »

How to terminate or delete a cPanel account through SSH?


How to terminate or delete a cPanel account through SSH? This post is updated because cPanel changed the script to remove an account via command line. This is simple to manage cPanel via server CLI (command line interface). Here we discuss about the command to terminate an account from CLI. In older versions of cPanel, the command was “killacct.” The ... Read More »

How to install php-pear mail on CentOS or RHEL


PEAR – PHP Extension and Application Repository, PEAR is a framework and distribution system for reusable PHP components. The mail() function is using for sending emails from a php script. This is the most simplest way to send emails from a server and also its not secure process. Here, CryBit going to explain the steps to install php-pear on a CentOS or ... Read More »

Managing MySQL database backup

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How to create/restore MySQL databases’ dump/backup of all the databases? Yes!! this is an important section in  MySQL administration, and every Linux Admin should know about it. Because, creating backups are such an important task for a SysAdmin. In MySQL, the DB backup creation and its restoration is not a big task. This can be simply done via command line interface. ... Read More »