The groupmod command’s switches with example – Unix/Linux

The “groupmod” command modify a group definition on the system.

# groupmod [options] GROUPNAME

Switches with example:

1, -g, –gid GID
The group ID of the given GROUP will be changed to GID.
The value of GID must be a non-negative decimal integer. This value must be unique, unless the -o option is used. Values between 0 and 999 are typically reserved for system groups.
Any files that have the old group ID and must continue to belong to GROUP, must have their group ID changed manually.

[[email protected] ~]# grep megrp /etc/group
[[email protected] ~]# groupmod -g 777 megrp2
[[email protected] ~]# grep megrp /etc/group

2, -h, –help

Display help message and exit.

3, -n, –new-name NEW_GROUP

The name of the group will be changed from GROUP to NEW_GROUP name.

[[email protected] ~]# groupmod -n megrpnew megrp
[[email protected] ~]# grep megrp /etc/group

4, -o, –non-unique

When used with the -g option, allow to change the group GID to a non-unique value.

[[email protected] ~]# groupmod -g 501 -o megrpnew
[[email protected] ~]# grep megrp /etc/group

5, -p, –password PASSWORD
The encrypted password, as returned by crypt(3).
Note: This option is not recommended because the password (or encrypted password) will be visible by users listing the processes. You should make sure the password respects the system´s password policy.

That’s it!! 🙂

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